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Anathema Hope 10MB Download
Angel Dust Bleed 09MB Download
Angra Rebirth 37MB Download
Angra Rebirth 36MB Download
Anvil Mad Dog * T1/DSL / 56k
Arch Enemy Revenous 15MB Download
Arch Enemy Ravenous 12MB Download
Arch Enemy Bury Me An Angel 38MB Download
Arch Enemy Ravenous 07MB Download
Behemoth As Above So Below 27MB Download
Beseech Between The Lines 42MB Download
Black Sabbath Paranoid 06MB Download
Blind Guardian Born In A Mourning Hall 09MB Download
Blind Guardian And The Story Ends - Live! 05MB Download
Blind Guardian Valhalla - Live! 04MB Download
Blind Guardian Nightfall - Live! 06MB Download
Blind Guardian Ashes to Ashes - Live! 04MB Download
Blind Guardian Welcome to Dying - Live 04MB Download
Bolt Thrower Cenotaph 06MB Download
Borknagar Inherit The Earth 32MB Download
Children Of Bodom Deadnight Warrior 30MB Download
Children Of Bodom Downfall 46MB Download
Children Of Bodom Everytime I Die 38MB Download
Children Of Bodom Bodom After Midnight - Live! 17MB Download
Children Of Bodom Hate Me! - Live! 32MB Download
Children Of Bodom Lake Bodom - Live! 40MB Download
Cradle Of Filth Her Ghost in the Fog 45MB Download
Danzig 777 I:Luciferi 04MB Download
Dark Funeral An Apprentice of Satan - Live! 22MB Download
Dark Funeral Secrets Of The Black Arts 14MB Download
Dark Tranquillity Monochromatic Stains 13MB Download
Domain I Don 't Wanna Die - Live 03MB Download
Dragon Force Valley of the Damned 43MB Download
Emperor Empty 07MB Download
Entombed Night Of The Vampire 08MB Download
Entombed Stranger Aeons - Live! 06MB Download
Entombed Wolverine Blues 04MB Download
Evergrey A Day on Tour I 09MB Download
Evergrey A Day on Tour II 10MB Download
Evergrey A Day in New York 06MB Download
Evergrey A Day in Atlanta 10MB Download
Evergrey The Masterplan 19MB Download
Evergrey For Every Tear That Falls 20MB Download
Evergrey Rulers of the Mind 10MB Download
Evergrey The Masterplan 05MB Download
Fates Warning Through Different Eyes * T1/DSL / 56k
Fates Warning Kyrie Eleison * T1/DSL / 56k
Gamma Ray Gamma Ray - Live! 10MB Download
Gandalf Morning Sun 06MB Download
God Dethroned Under the Golden Wings... * T1/DSL / 56k
Hades y2k * T1/DSL / 56k
Helloween A Tale That Wasn 't Right 10MB Download
Helloween I Want Out 09MB Download
Hypocrisy The Final Chapter 06MB Download
In Extremo This Corrosion * T1/DSL / 56k
In Flames Trigger 40MB Download
In Flames Cloud Connected 38MB Download
Iron Maiden Phantom of the Opera 43MB Download
Jag Panzer Future Shock 05MB Download
Jag Panzer The Downward Fall 03MB Download
Jag Panzer 'Rondo Alla Turca ' by Mozart 01MB Download
Jag Panzer Slap Song 02MB Download
Kamelot The Spell 09MB Download
Lacuna Coil Making of Comalies 12MB Download
Legs Diamond I am for you * T1/DSL / 56k
Lullacry Damn You 23MB Download
Manic Movement Slide 40MB Download
Manic Movement A Thousand Sufferings 07MB Download
Marilyn Manson mOBSCENE N/A Download
Meatlocker Seven Systemic 20MB Download
Moonspell Opium 10MB Download
Moonspell Second Skin 12MB Download
Moonspell Butterfly FX 13MB Download
Moonspell Nocturna 59MB Download
Moonspell Magdalena 14MB Download
Moonspell Magdalena 15MB Download
Morbid Angel God Of Emptiness 07MB Download
Morbid Angel Rapture 07MB Download
Morbid Angel Where The Slime Lives 07MB Download
Morbid Angel World Of Shit 38MB Download
Morgana Lefay To Isengard 06MB Download
Morgana Lefay In The Court Of The... 04MB Download
Mortiis Parasite God 06MB Download
My Dying Bride Cry Of Mankind 10MB Download
Napalm Death Breed To Breathe 05MB Download
Napalm Death Scum - Live! 05MB Download
Nevermore Next In Line 17MB Download
Nevermore What Tomorrow Knows 20MB Download
Nightwish Bless The Child 41MB Download
Nightwish Sleeping Sun 46MB Download
Nightwish Over the hills and far away * Download
Nightwish Bless The Child N/A View Stream
Nocturnal Rites Eyes Of The Dead 15MB Download
Old Man 's Child Interview with Galder 02MB Download
Old Man 's Child Galder in Abbyss Studio 01MB Download
Otep Tortured 03MB Download
Ozzy Osbourne See You On The Other Side 33MB Download
Ozzy Osbourne Parry Manson 35MB Download
Paradise Lost Say Just Words 40MB Download
Poema Arcanus Iconoclast 60MB Download
Primal Fear Angel In Black 06MB Download
Rhapsody Power of the Dragon Flame 29MB Download
Rhapsody Riding The Winds of Eternity 24MB Download
Ronny J. Dio Push 09MB Download
Running Wild Conquistadores 04MB Download
Savatage Sleep 05MB Download
Sentenced No One There 08MB Download

Rarezas de Joe Lynn Turner en Youtube:

Stone Cold Video

This was the highest charting USA single for Rainbow, thanks in part to JLT's contribution in many ways. It's a classic from the MTV heydays. VIEW HERE

Can't Happen Here Video

This video contains a montage of news, historical clips and band performance footage. A bit prophetic if you consider what has happened in the world since this was released. VIEW HERE

Can't Let You Go

This "mini movie" represents one of the last videos Rainbow released before taking their "hiatus" in the early 80s so that Deep Purple could reform again. JLT and Ritchie Blackmore star in this video inspired by the 1919 Film Noir drama "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." VIEW HERE

Death Alley Driver

It's Blackmore and Turner as protagonist and antagonist in this fast paced video. As of this date, it remains a VH1 Classic and fan favorite. VIEW HERE

Street of Dreams

In the mid-80s, rock videos were very cinematic. This Rainbow classic is no exception. Complete with onscreen title and non-musical "spoken" intro, de-emphasis on the band members onscreen, mix of natural sound and music, it stands out among the Rainbow video catalogue as one of the band's most memorable. VIEW HERE

Spotlight Kid

Captured live from one of Rainbow's live shows, this energetic concert opener uses several camera angles. It will bring back memories for anyone who saw Rainbow back in the early 80s. VIEW HERE

1982 MTV Interview

Joe talks with legendary MTV VeeJay JJ Jackson. This chat took place in 1982. JLT shares Rainbow tour stories and more. VIEW HERE

Yngwie Malmsteen-JLT Era: Heaven Tonight

Complete with the "psycho cam" (ala the "Robocop" movie), this video is explosive, literally! Some well-timed pyro balanced with JLT and Malmsteen's energy and synergy make this one of the "great ones" from the late 80s. VIEW HERE

Yngwie Malmsteen-JLT Era: Japanese Interview

Apparently from some Japanese TV show, this "sit down" features JLT, Malmsteen and some puppet. Unique to say the least! VIEW HERE

Yngwie Malmsteen-JLT Era: Rising Force Live


Yngwie Malmsteen-JLT Era: Riot in the Dungeon Live


Hughes Turner Project: Losing My Head


Deep Purple "King of Dreams" video

This video created controversey on MTV due to the storyline and what it implicated. It mixes great perspective, moody carnival/amusement park shots with band performance footage. VIEW HERE

Deep Purple: King of Dreams Live

DP Mark V with Joe Lynn Turner perfoming King of Dreams live in Czech Republic VIEW HERE

Joe Lynn Turner "Endlessly" video

This mid-80s video help solidify JLT as one of rock and roll's singer-heartthrob types. The clip is actually about the making of a video, something that had not been done much, if at all, when this was filmed. VIEW HERE

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